I dunno if there’s such a word, lol. I dont really use make-up too much, but these are currently what I have to at least look presentable, harhar (Im always into no make-up make-up look. I rarely use eyeliners and I dont use eyeshadows): I believe Revlon’s Photoready products are kinda new. It’s around $19… Read more beautifier

Playful/Mischievous Kiss

Mischievous Kiss (korean version of It Started With A Kiss) is my (ultimate) favorite drama! I wonder why according to some sources, they didnt reach their desired ratings. watda?! oh well.. I managed to finish the 16 episodes through Viikii (yes, patience is a virtue!) even before one of our local networks broadcasted that they… Read more Playful/Mischievous Kiss


I was really hoping to get my clearance done yesterday so I can go to my planned walks. I just had 2 departments left anyway, the IT and facilities. It shouldve been done last week though but the IT head was off in an emergency leave. When I asked the receptionist at that time, the… Read more useless

Rachele Brooke Smith

She was the “antagonist” in Bring it on 5, Avery. I wondered where and when i will see her again until the Brittany-Britney episode of Glee. wala lang. Hope she gets more screen time soon hehe.


yeah pardon my bragging im just proud 🙂 lol. you’ll feel/do the same when you also get to have yours. 😉 pishawt!

i wanna lose it!

I feel bad when I accidentally leave, let alone lose, simple things. Yesterday morning, I was on my way to QCHall to get an Affidavit of Loss, then to Trinoma. We were already halfway our destination and I realized that I left my wallet (yes! of all things, eh?!!) at home. Good thing I was… Read more i wanna lose it!

im a Filipino and I actually found it rather funny, too. i do that on purpose too sometimes and it doesnt mean im mocking anybody. just for fun. coz i know we dont speak that way. dont take this seriously, Pinoys. if you know we dont speak with an accent like that, just chill. ^_^v… Read more