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“It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime. What better place than here. What better time than now.”

-Rage Against the Machine

It had been rather continuous and it only grew stronger. It began with the incessant decrease of the state’s budget for education. However, as the years went by, oppression of the people’s right to education ascended with greater momentum. Along with budget cuts, came tuition and other fee hikes and the brewing privatization of several SUCs in the country.

By tradition, the University produces youth geared with eminent service to the country. Thus, by tradition, the gates of the UP Fair reopens itself, not only to the students of the institution but to the youth in general, to encourage them towards unity in this struggle to claim our right to education.

From the 15th to the 19th of February 2011, every 6:00 pm, “Education in DesFair” will once again convene youth from different corners of the region to inspire camaraderie in asserting equal access to education, reaffirming our historical role in people’s struggles and firing up the fight for greater state subsidy.

This upcoming UP Fair is not the final act, nor is it the main event; “Education in DesFAIR” is the inertia of our continued struggle toward the upcoming years. We are ending 2010 by beginning 2011; we are but rising to fight for the basic rights of every Filipino.

True, it had been rather continuous how education becomes more and more of a commodity, and to date, the suppression of such a basic right grows stronger. There is no better time to strengthen leagues and join forces than now. The youth ought to fight against this rising force of oppression. We will not let it silence us; we are to rise with it with unity stronger than ever before.

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We will be providing you updates and literary works with regard to “Education in DesFair”. Lastly, we will be more than happy post your works on these sites so just email it to upfair.2011@gmail.com.

Five UP Fair 2011 Nights!

The UP Fair for 2011: Education in desFair will run from February 15 to 19, 2011. That will be five nights filled with fun and music!

The University Student Council will handle three of these exciting nights:

Feb. 15 –  FAIR & SQUARE: Assert equal access to education!
Feb. 16 –  FAIRst QUARTER STORM: Reaffirming the youth’s historical role in people’s struggles!
Feb. 19 –  inFAIRno to budget cut: fire up the fight to greater state subsidy!

UP Fair in the nights of Feb. 17 and 18 will be handled by two other student formations.

I dont really care if you’re able to read this or not.

Your tweets are nonsense. I tweeted back to what you did, which is wrong and you know it coz if not u wont delete it (and its not funny nor humorous as you say i dont have because it was also disrespectful), kase KAWAWA ka naman. Whats the use of your tweets if no ones gonna read and reply dun? If i know its just wasnt my reply you were looking for. Replies ng mga online friends mo, who dont even know who u really are and what you are capable of doing. You just like them kase they give u imported and free stuff. 

Here’s my take to ur tweets:

1. Magrant man ako, about you or not, I dont name names or point fingers. Unlike you.

2. I dont have any humour? Do u think its funny na gumanti to someone you dont really know just because siningitan ka sa pila? First, u came from church. Second, u stooped to their level. So now sinong funny?? If you meant to be funny with the word “accidentally”..pinili mo nalang sana mag joke or mangiliti ng katabi para may tumawa naman.

3. you are looking for respect? FYI, respect is GAINED, you cannot ask for it. How? RESPECT yourself first, then others. Pwede din vice versa.

4. Yeah im proud of my new achievement. Just so you know, and as you always claim na nakukuha ko lahat dahil lang sa may back up ako, they JUST HELPED by TELLING or GUIDING ME what to do. THEY WERE NOT THE ONES na sumabak sa interview or exams. I DID IT ALONE. So its all me. Its also up to me on how can i stay and make my own name. Ang inask ko lang na favor sa sinasabi mong mga kakilala eh mag-follow up sa status, positive or negative. Kung negative, eh ano wala naman mawawala. Mag try sa iba. Kaya mo ba yun?

Ang kulang kase sayo, wala kang tiwala sa sarili mo. Eh ikaw naman pala ang may gusto nung job na yun, i didnt see u do anything about it. You just waited. Wag kang bitter, you shouldve done something.

5. You’re unsupported?? Nagpapa-adopt ka pa sa iba? Hindi mo lang alam kung sino ang talgang naapektuhan sa tweet mong yan. You graduated HS from a prominent catholic school, you got the course you wanted in college and got a degree, and you’ve been a bum for more than 3 years! You want to be an actress and be famous whatever? Eh sagot ko nga lang sayo di mo matanggap, mga criticisms ng ibang tao pa kaya? Now, sino ba ang binibigyan ng concern at this point? Yan ba ang unsupported?!

6. Just because I blocked or locked my twitter from you it means Im a coward. Kase lang wala ng sense ang @reply ko or mga twits ko sayo since you cant or will never take it into consideration din naman naman. So anong sense nun sayo? Also, nagtext ako sayo in response to what mom and me talked about (connected sa #4).

Another thing, I will never do rebuttals when I know I have a point. I will not apologize when i didnt do anything wrong. I never claim that Im always right. But if that’s what you think, I cant blame you 🙂 Baka ikaw, since sarado ang isip mo at hindi ka marunong makinig, naniniwala ka lang sa sarili mong point of view. Now sino nanaman ngayon ang nagiisip na lagi siyang tama? It wont hurt to think deeper or admit mistakes, you know. 

Also, mas maganda na na hindi tayo naguusap, mas gusto ko to dahil tahimik 🙂 I can take this for a loooooooooooong time so dont dare me.

Those who have a Facebook account may have followed the trend that started 2 days ago (?) wherein you

Change your facebook profile picture to a cartoon from your childhood and invite your friends to do the same. Until monday (Dec. 6) there should be no human faces on facebook, but an invasion of memories. This is for violence against children..

Im proud to say I did! Also, since i have lots of fave cartoon characters, i decided to have a different profile everyday til the 6th. 🙂 harhar.

Its so much fun! look at what my colleagues came up with:

(photo courtesy of Mojo Jojo)

We also must not forget the reason behind the cartoon character profile: