bubblesbythebeach: My Avengers bobbleheads are a very creative and talented gang. Hope I can get them rehearsed enough for a full production soon! I want them toys! Aww.. Iron man <3

likeyoudontevenknow: somepretty-things: vvidget: CHOCOLATE FOOD PORN I can’t overstate how much I love chocolate oh my jesus Food coma.

ishipoj: Soooo Jessie’s in Dublin tonight….anyone know where Danny is? That last time I checked he was in Dublin as well, lets just hope he goes to see her and hopefully he will hang around to see her after He’s…

claudekelly: cailn: FUCK oh. my. sweet. Lord. Yes! Oh. Yes! This. Please!

So random. Good morning.

You’ll know a heartbeat aka Jessie J fan when his/her accounts (esp Instagram) username starts with “isthat”. Then you’re like “aww mehn!” when you see a name-mate with an acct that couldve been yours. But you honestly dont care coz you love the song Unite.