stablequeens:                                                           Final Tally: Regina: 4Hook: (well you tried)

angstbotfic: anothershadeofgreen: angstbotfic: anothershadeofgreen: hanreisoundshenry: anothershadeofgreen: hanreisoundshenry: anothershadeofgreen: Looking for some quick and easy… … after reading the Dark Swan interview? Turning to Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), what’s Emma’s reaction to him trying to save her? Could he be the one thing that helps her hold onto hope?Yeah. It’s interesting because, so far, what you’ll see… Read more

sarconistia: delirious-comfort: hanreisoundshenry: storybrookemirror: ‘The Price’ – Sneak Peek #1 The “setting up” mentioned in PR is starting with this… I think. to be a savior is twice as hard for regina becuase the one to be saved doesn’t believe her to be the savior, while when she came to storybrooke pre-curse breaking, Regina might… Read more