Lemme go straight to the point.

Like most people, I own a car and I drive. But during coding days (which btw is utterly useless since it doesn’t really resolve the traffic problems anywhere – even if you have 2 coding days per car in some areas) and other times when I just don’t feel like driving, I take a cab – specifically a Reno cab. Either I call their HQ to have a unit pick me up right at my door step or wherever I may be, or just outright text/call one of our “suki” drivers, who are not “choosy”, nor they ask for additional fare on top of what’s indicated in the meter.

Yes, there were instances that directly contacting the drivers we know and even calling their HQ for a unit were unsuccessful. A bit unreliable, but nonetheless understandable especially if my location is completely out of their way. For example, they may be in MOA area and you’re asking to be picked up in Fairview.

I don’t never ride any taxis other than Reno for more than a decade now. Why? Because randomly hailing any cab, contrary to your belief, is no longer safe.

Same as riding the MRT, which is most of the time (or always) not working. If it is even running, it has been wiggly. I will not be surprised if there will come a time that due to overloading, it will just tip over and fall on top of the transportations along the highway causing a huge mishap/tragedy.

Buses? AKA roller-coasters-with-drug-addict-drivers who are the champions among violators.

Also, jeepneys! Whose drivers do not know how to use side mirrors and signal lights, as well as dropping off passengers 2 lanes away (from the middle of the highway) to the loading/unloading zones.

Penalizing, apprehending, impounding, removing — or whatever you may call it — the alternatives which are successfully working and convenient to everyone – is very Filipino. Knowing that there are people who will be affected along the way with this irrational decision such as the drivers and operators may have less income to none, as well as passengers may also encounter difficulty in finding safe rides.

While I somehow feel bad that the Reno drivers we know have told us their sentiments about losing their usual passengers and income since Uber and Grab, the said TNCs have been nothing but additional options, if not considered as blessings. If you’re looking for reasons, here you go:

  1. Its easy and convenient.
  • We now live in a fast-paced and considerably hi-tech environment – if not world yet. Just have a mobile data subscription, open the TNC Apps to book a ride.
  1. Its S-A-F-E-R!
  • No need to stand on the sidewalk under the rain, be a warrior and run after the next available PUV, race with the others who completely forget the senior citizens/pregnant women/ladies’ first rule of thumb (both actually cause accidents and too much traffic especially around 7am and 5pm).
  • Most drivers are also owners of the vehicle you’ll hop on to, so they are extra careful (some more vain, which is just fine) with their cars when driving.
  1. You can track your rides.
  • You’ll know immediately of the plate number, type of car, phone number and name of the driver with picture/s. Also, once your trip ends, you will receive a receipt via email with the same information, routes taken, ride duration, etc. You can also go back to your transactions history in the app.
  1. Its readily available
  • Once booked, they do not have views where you’ll be going until they go “On Trip”. The drivers also do not have any choice but to get you to our destination once you’ve been picked up, regardless if you’re coming from Taguig going to Novaliches.
  1. Its cheaper
  • You’ll immediately be informed how much you’ll need to pay – traffic or not. The amount you’ll see even before you board is fixed. It will be the passengers’ prerogative if they’ll be giving the drivers some tip.
  1. They value their passengers’ feedback.
  • Comments/complaints are forwarded to the drivers, owners or the operators (which are humans) of the vehicle/s, which somehow affect their ratings seen on their mobile apps. In this way, their next passengers may take precautions if need be when transacting with their assigned drivers.

(Your hotline/contact numbers are indeed posted in every PUVs with “How’s my driving?” or “May reklamo ka ba?” I highly doubt if there is even a day when you do not receive any complaints. What do you do with those? Your action plans may probably be in place but we just wonder why we don’t see results and just repeat offenders.)

These are all I know based from my experiences with the most reliable mode of transpo ever to be made available.

I cant speak for others, but you may ask your employees and/or family members if they haven’t even tried Uber/Grab and enjoyed it. I actually doubt if none of them ever thought about buying an extra car and even doing the same business.



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