What’s the big deal?

One of the biggest problems in this world is that of the 99.9% goodness/greatness you have done and just simply received kudos for (even though you have contributed to major changes that happened), it will be instantly ignored and forgotten by the 0.01% of a mistake you made and use it as blackmail.

I’m not really a fan but I do like and watch all his films and shows. So what if John Lloyd Cruz got drunk? Like it was the first time. πŸ™„Β It may just be the first time it was caught on video and went viral, because of some mature people misusing the power of social media, and thought it was their time to shine by hitting the “Share” button. What did you guys get out of it?

Like I said, so what?!

JLC has made a lot of blockbuster movies which really helped the entertainment industry (pelikulang pinoy), as well as continue selling out the products he endorse (which btw I heard were allegedly thinking of pulling out from being his sponsors because of that incident — I hope they don’t). Though I havent personally met him, he is probably doing more good things than we know. Yes he is a celebrity — and that automatically makes him a role model. But those who look up to him, and who actually have the correct upbringing by their parents, should already know whats right or wrong.

He didnt even need to apologize for having fun and for being himself. Like what he said in his Instagram post, “no regrets babies just life revealing its raw beauty.” This is what I also like about him: he’s a private person and doesnt give a damn. πŸ™‚

I actually think that it would draw out the same reactions if he’s pretending to be someone he’s not. Oh well.

Stay true to yourself. YOLO. Walang pakialamanan ng trip.

/rant end

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