Annoying traits or habits some Filipinos have

Wait. Don’t get me wrong. Proud Filipino here! But honestly, there are just things some Pinoys do which are really annoying. Trust me, I’m sure I haven’t done/would never do these (If I did, I would appreciate it if you tell me when was it):

Stating the obvious

Why would some Filipinos ask questions that they already know the answer to? For example, I recently got a haircut. People who see you in the flesh, or saw your selfie sporting your new do would even have to ask “Did you cut your hair?”.

GUYS! My hair was almost-half-my-back long before I had this below-the ear/above-the shoulder cut. What else could I have done?? That question is only valid if I only had an inch sliced off. Or, you’re asking if I cut my hair myself which is somehow impossible because I’m not that skilled.

Next time, better end it with an exclamation point rather than a question mark (i.e “You cut your hair!”).

Tell you things that you are actually aware of. Like when they haven’t seen you for a while and their usual Hello is “Hey, you gained weight!”. That’s actually very impolite. Is there even a person who doesn’t acknowledge or know the changes that their body go through?

Keep it to yourself if you actually know that when others tell you the same thing, its possibly offending. Also, you wouldnt like it your convo went like:

You: “Hey, you gained weight!”

Your friend: “..and you haven’t changed a bit. You’re still ugly!”

DISCIPLINE, where art thou?

On the road; while driving

To those travelling via a motorcycle, NEVER OVERTAKE on the right side of any vehicle. Everybody is aware that the 4 – 18-wheelers here do not have the Right Hand Drive. In addition, please stay on your special blue-dotted lane because was set up for your own good.

U Turn slots should only be a single lane (or line). Take the leftmost or rightmost side (if there’s any) when turning. To those who do not do this, please know that you’re causing inconvenience to those who are smarter, doing it the right way.

Stay on your fucking lane, esp when you know you need to pass by the flyover. But no! Almost 70% actually choose to overtake those who follow the traffic rules. You guys know that you’re the cause of the jam and long lines of cars?

Running late? Who’s fault is it?

USE and HONOR THE SIGNAL LIGHTS. Those are not car designs. Its like a silent “Excuse me”. GIVE WAY, instead of blowing your car horns to those who know the purpose of their signal lights.

Don’t worry. Wherever you’re going, I’m sure it’ll still be there. The roads/highway will not be cut in half in 3-seconds when you let the polite driver before you pass by.

Arriving at Sunday masses after the offertory, and still have the guts to race you to the Communion line. Need I say more?

The Blame Game is so strong when something negative happens. Better practice the 90-10 principle, guys. What would you rather do? Stress yourself out, sulk, or react positively and move forward? Choose the latter. Avoid the migraines.

On the other hand, they take all the credit when results are positive, even if all they did was pass the responsibilities to those who actually know what to do.

As I’ve said before, drop the call when the party you’re calling didn’t answer within 3-5 rings. Otherwise, send a text message why you need to speak with them. They might be in a more important engagement or going through something that they do not want to speak with you. DO NOT DIAL AGAIN. Its very impolite, super irritating and disturbing.

Very rich in bad attitude. If those have monetary equivalent, I’m sure our poverty rate would drastically drop.

1. When you actually have or given a choice, you just do not want to do it because…

  • It would make you look bad or ugly
  • You haven’t done it before (all the more reason you should, right?)
  • You think its not a Win-Win situation (when in real life it cant always be like that).
  • You just don’t want to. Period.

2. When some employees submitted their resignation letters and are already in the rendering mode, they choose to be late and/or absent within the 30days 99.5% of the time.

Why not leave the company in flying colors and be a good employee before getting off? Atleast even just for show. LOL. I mean, your next employer is still processing your papers before you onboard – including background checks. Sure, you’ve been following the values, policies, etc. before and been Employee of the Month. But ya know people. They forget about all the good things when you do something wrong.

Feeling entitled

“I know I’m pretty and guys would like drop whatever theyre doing just to talk to me. I can get away with everything”.

Oh yeah you can, esp after doing them the favor.

“My folks are famous politicians/celebrities! I should have the same treatment!”

This also applies to people who keep on name-dropping whoever they think are worthy. Like you said, THEY ARE the ‘elite’ ones. YOU’RE NOT. YOU do not count unless THEY say so. The same offers do not apply to you.

“I am the boss” or “I am the Team Leader”.

Yeah… how did you get where you are again? You also started from scratch. Unless, you have actually used the name-dropping power and cheated your way in.

“I am a customer. I should always be right!”

Uhh, not really. Most of the time, the customers who use the “The customer is always right” when they know they did something wrong. Yes as a customer (who are everyone), you always have the right. The right to complain, to give your opinion, etc. But that doesn’t always mean you are always right.

Ok, this is like 2 ½ pages long. I may have add some more but will just end it here – for now.

These are just observations. If you have been offended… well… 2 things. How were you brought up by your parents/guardians? Or, were you just influenced by your peers.

Either way, you have your own mind and body. The choices and decisions have always been yours.

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