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Ok.. so this is actually a personal blog and to be honest I didnt expect for my previous post to earn that much attention wherein I wrote something about a mobile game I’m currently addicted to. Lol. Because I also didnt know that there are lots of players who are so into the game as me. I mean I am only aware of those who I play with in the State I’m in in the game (State is aka server when you play Ragnarok or any similar games).

But regardless, thank you very much. I liked answering the inquiries about how to play it because when I started, no one was there to tell me what to do. So I kinda just played. I just fully learned about everything when my base reached Level 19.

So in line with that, I have moved it as a page (refer to the right sidebar), while I’m waiting for my host to set up my new webspace and have a dedicated website for it instead. Plus, I’ll be setting up an Online Community or a message board where we players can help each other (because the in-game support just sucks). I will definitely keep you posted once its up and running.


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