Eddy: Now this, of course, we had this from the moment they told us we could do, um, Frozen. We wanted to do the Frozen scene between the two of you.
Jennifer: Yeah.
Eddy: We just thought, what we wanted was to launch that you two were going to… That you wanted to be Regina’s friend, and obviously, Regina in the beginning of the year likes your mom more. But I feel like you two begrudgingly realize by the end of the year that you are friends, and you are family…
Jennifer: Yeah. Yeah.
Eddy: Without even realizing it.
Jennifer: I also love how we flip back and forth, sometimes I’m like Elsa, and sometimes she’s like Anna, and sometimes she’s like Elsa, and sometimes I’m like Anna. It was fun to be able to flip between those dynamics.
Eddy: And I think that’s real. I mean, that is what friendship is,is every once in a while, you have to rely on the other person.

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