• I was born, raised and been living in the Philippines with my mom and my older (by 52 weeks) sister. I have only been able to travel to one local province, and 1 country overseas twice.
  • I consider myself a mid-maintenance type of girl just because I’m not into branded stuff, but I know why and when to get one (or more) after months of thinking about it.
  • Aside from my mom’s cooking, I prefer dining and eating in those considerably high-end restaurants, but fast foods and street foods are my go-to snacks (sometimes even main meals).
  • I have a selective memory, like I don’t even remember what you have told me yesterday (or even minutes ago) if I’m not at all interested about it.
  • I can say I am more street-smart than bookish. But when there is a need to be by-the-book situation, I’ll exhaust the options available. After which or otherwise, I prefer thinking out of the box.
  • I don’t believe that zodiac or star signs have anything to do with personality/traits. Because if that is the case, I am a divergent. I never conform.
  • I don’t give a damn about what others say, especially from those who haven’t made a single positive impact in my life. I only take into consideration those that can make me a better person (i.e my attitude at work and how I interact with people).
  • I prefer to not stress out on things and people beyond my control.
  • A follower, and probably a leader. I love learning, acquiring new knowledge, experiences, being mentored and taught.
  • Certified cat lover. Though dogs, birds and other animals are appealing to me. It’s just that cats are more chill and they clean after themselves. All you gotta do is love them by giving them cuddles and kisses when they ask demand for it.
  • A daydreamer. I like staring into nothingness and let my mind be busy imagining and/or thinking about myself dancing and singing, being in fictions, or what could have been an ending to a story.
  • We are not financially stable, have never been, and we can barely make ends meet (up to now). But God is so good that He never fails to let us experience and have everything we need and want. Most of time even more so.
  • Too independent? YES. Proudly. I can work my way around situations, rarely asking how-tos because I like discovering things. But I extremely appreciate any help that would come, and make sure to return the favor.

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