A little extra knowledge sharing (you may scroll further if you already know this) before the main content. I was really digging in the history of my blogging. With the help of Google, I found the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

As the site name says, it is  “…non-profit, building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form.” I recommend using it for educational purposes only.

It is where I realized that I have been using internet as my diary since 2006 using Blogger. I made myself familiar with how it works from scratch. I did my own layouts using Paint and manually coding HTML. Then, I just realized that the blogging is a thing and gajillion users are doing it using different tools — LiveJournal, Tumblr, etc. For a detailed history of blogging tools, check this.

So I gained internet friends or fellow bloggers who were using WordPress and encouraged me to try it, so I did. They helped me set it up by giving me a subdomain and a webspace, and gave pointers and backbone templates to manually design and code (PHP and HTML) layouts.

Based on my research, I have finally decided to get my own domain in 2008. Why Jennyisms? Jennie’s euphemisms, etc 😉 I had to use Y because jennieisms just do not have recall.

Moving on, my domain was then parked and hosted at pink-host.info before I moved to cheazey.net with a free webspace hosted by FreeHostia.

I don’t remember much of the in-betweens but I decided to transfer my domain and get paid hosting from Jollyworks in 2017, jumped back to Tumblr for a bit using the same domain.  Now I’m back to Jollyworks, but my domain is parked at Hostinger.