Contrary to my other friends’ and acquaintances’ belief, I am proud to be NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth). Seriously.

When most people I me(e)t knew about it, the reaction I always get is “Are you a lesbian/tomboy?”. Just because I’m not into dresses and I don’t have the posture of a female ramp model when walking, I am 100% straight.

Then I get a “So why?!”

First off, I have A LOT of boy friends. But none I knew, or even those I don’t, come up to me and even try to ask me.

Also, why tf not?! I don’t give in to the pressure nor influence of my peers to have one. I don’t believe in match-making because that seems unnatural.

I’ve had crushes, yes — a lot. (I’m normal, you guys). Even bordering into infatuation with the most recent one. I was thisclose to telling him (I was giving subtle hints. Unsurely of course because I didn’t know how. My flirting skills are non-existent) since I really liked him. I was just hesitant because I value the friendship and the zero awkwardness. Though now we haven’t really seen, nor really talked, to each other since 20-something-teen. So where did that hesitation get me, huh? Honestly, I am where I need to be and wish them (him and his family) nothing but the best they deserve.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the notion of the romantic kind of love and would like to share it. If he (the one) is out there, in God’s time, he’ll come and I’m open. But I’m not that desperate like those who put their relationship status out and shouts “Next!”, while making it the universe’s problem that the previous one didn’t work out.

I own my time and my money, I love sharing it with my family. I am just genuinely happy, content, and loving God, myself, my family and closest friends more. Thank you.