Just like everyone else, I started from scratch. My first official job was as a student assistant in the University I graduated from. I needed the funds for our meals, my transpo and to have something to use in my thesis.

Months after graduation, I was a customer service representative. Yes, my first job was in a call center and I am hella proud of it. I started working at the same time I was taking my licensure exam review. My first ever schedule was 4 days by 11 hours (work for 11 hours a day, but we had 3 rest days). I had to ran off right after shift to school for the review class. It took its toll so I’m like 5 points down from the passing score.

Almost 5 years after, I landed a job I can say I wanted, in one of the biggest telco company in the country I dreamed of being part of. Initially in the same LOB of Customer Service (I was a Retail Shop Specialist and a Cashier Reliever) where we personally assisted subscribers in the Store. A year later, I got lucky to be part of the pioneer social media team for the same company. Same responsibilities, different channels/platforms, and called a Community Manager. I freaking loved it that I think I found my calling. I worked my ass off for the team and enjoyed every second of it, that it didn’t even bother me when my salary/Band level (HR thing) is just the same but my duties and responsibilities were already Supervisory (I was told that they were unable to put it in paper/contract yet due to budget constraints). I was blessed to be working alongside hardworking very young professionals, and got the most valuable lessons from a mentor that have been instilled in me until now.

As fun as it sounds like, it wasn’t always rainbows and unicorns. Unfortunately, I was in the “laid off” list. My peers then was concluding that because “I was the backbone of the team”, the bosses saw me as a threat. I don’t really believe it. I know because I have flaws, and immature in a way that I tended to be subjective in my decisions at times. I didn’t question it then, and I have moved on.

However, I still was lucky to get to officially work as a Team Lead, for the same LOB but in a BPO where the company outsourced the team. I experienced pioneering everything — I personally trained (and trained with) my agents. Aside from handling TW and FB, the bosses gave us the Chat LOB (first ever customer service done in that platform), so my team grew from 20 FTEs to 40 real quick. Again, I loved everything about it. But the micro-managing, being quantity focused only, the stalking that the HR kind of supported, the power tripping… are really not my jam. I felt really selfish leaving my team, and I still feel sorry until now. But I made sure (or hoped that) they have enough ammo when I did, and I still keep my lines open for them if they need me.

A couple of months after, I got an invite to apply to an IT Company where I fortunately got in. It was a complete 360 degree from my past employers. Even though I was hired for the same job level, I was internally given new tasks and responsibilities as an individual contributor. I don’t regret agreeing to it, because I got to be part of the A-team (or actually, they were my brothers and sisters from another mother) where I learned to be more mature and how to really be professional and still get to have fun. I can be me with no judgements, just constructive criticisms.

Then the pandemic happened. After 3 years and about 10 months, I’m now jobless and still looking.

I hope I will be able to add my professional journey here soon.

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