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You are all being blessed with a super blep

Toothless 😂



Trust yourselves.

Do what you think you can and what you think is right, and never limit yourself with only that and hesitate going the extra mile. If you make mistakes, don’t dwell on it. Just recover and make it right then move forward.

It is only advisable to look back where you came from if your present is positively eventful. Always thinking about what you have done wrongly in the past is called sulking, and it would actually stop you from growing.


Complaining on online classes. Why??

First part: I have friends, who are parents, complaining on being “included” in their kids’ online classes because they are the ones who get to do everything for their kids. I’m like now you know what not-even-half of the teachers’ have to go through when they were still having class in a room with more than 20 kids everyday

They get paid for what they do? Yeah, of course. But I mean, you don’t really just put your child’s future into their hands. Isn’t it why you’re called “parents”? 

Its more than paying for their tuition and buying their school supplies until they are able to. Just consider yourself blessed that you can watch your off-springs grow and learn while you can, instead of just asking them when they come home “How was school?” and get an “it was fine” answer even if it wasn’t. 

2nd: I see a lot of students on TikTok being disrespectful to the teachers during the online sessions. True or not (hello, social media), it is not cool to post it because some may think that its OK to do it. 

Also, complaints on having loads of home works/assignments/projects on the first day. I mean, compared to being in quarantine for days? I’d be excited to keep my mind and hands busy.  

Having online classes have its perks:

  • no need to wake up that early to dress up, drive/commute (+ more allowance savings) and walk (less sweat)
  • Free food all day because there’s always mom’s cooking and you have stocked snacks (again, additional savings)
  • you get to be productive than just scrolling on your social media timelines and streaming online games that at the end of the day, you can say “Hey I did something today”.

Well, this is just me looking at the bright side of things. 

Did you know?

CTTO: Writing about Writing


The other TWICE song is FANCY @ 3:25. 

Just collated the videos I uploaded in TikTok and Zepeto 🙂 

The music used are not mine. 

 Set 2 coming soon.

I love you. Always. 😘

A clip from the Wizard World’s live con. 😍

These lovely gentlemen talking about Lana Parrilla.

There are a lot of online sellers who are selling facemasks online, most of them are overpriced.

To test your facemask’s effectivity and for your own protection, watch this (CTTO):


Quarantine Day 3

I had a semi-interesting conversation with a former colleague, who is actually smart yet one of the most closed-minded person I know (that’s why it was semi to me), about her Facebook status wherein she asked,

“What does it really mean when the government says ‘stop being negative and just do what you can do to help’?”

I said that well..regardless of their stress level due to the situation right now, they managed to tell us in a polite way to “Shut up.” Then she had a follow up questions which were totally unrelated to her original one, so I tried putting an end to it by sharing my mantra (”Don’t stress yourself out on people and situations which are beyond your control. It’s not worth it”). But as expected she replied, “So, we shouldn’t make the government accountable and wait for the common people to work together to help the more vulnerable sectors?”. My reply was:

Personally, I think yes. I mean if they’re not doing something about it, and you know what to do, then you DO something about it. If you can come up with an actual output or positive visible results, then congrats. The people will love you for it. Otherwise, this is where the answer to your original question comes in.

No further replies from her.

I hate our government as much as she does. But if the activists who stand outside their offices and/or The Palace the whole day complete with placards and chants are being ignored, what more would your FB status do other than get reactions and comments from your friends/followers and the trolls?

Don’t just try to be a social media influencer by being a keyboard warrior. If you have the means, then actually do something. It doesnt always have to be monetary or in kind. Most of the time words of encouragement and positive vibes boost morale. 

Stop the negativity and joining the blame game as if the government wanted the Corona Virus to be epidemic. This is not the time to bring people down regardless of who and how they are and how they do things. 

Do your part and jut stay home as directed, as advised, as you should. 

Pray hard because at least He listens and He does something about it. Always. 

Just a marker




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