yeah pardon my bragging im just proud 🙂 lol. you’ll feel/do the same when you also get to have yours. 😉 pishawt!

i wanna lose it!

I feel bad when I accidentally leave, let alone lose, simple things. Yesterday morning, I was on my way to QCHall to get an Affidavit of Loss, then to Trinoma. We were already halfway our destination and I realized that I left my wallet (yes! of all things, eh?!!) at home. Good thing I was… Read more i wanna lose it!

im a Filipino and I actually found it rather funny, too. i do that on purpose too sometimes and it doesnt mean im mocking anybody. just for fun. coz i know we dont speak that way. dont take this seriously, Pinoys. if you know we dont speak with an accent like that, just chill. ^_^v… Read more

Harry Potter 7

Ey! Harry Potter book 7 part 1 block screening on November 20, Saturday 6pm at Trinoma cinema 6! Ticket costs P250. Contact me for tix 🙂 Part of the proceeds will go to the UP SLIS BUILDING FUND. For more info pls visit Thanks!

New Home

Yet again. Lol. I have a permanent domain but no permanent space. Hope this one works better 🙂 Well im also going to have a new home in reality very soon (work-related). My last day will be on the 31st. Pretty fast, huh? Yep, I decided to only render 15 days. Not much to say… Read more New Home