First part: I have friends, who are parents, complaining on being “included” in their kids’ online classes because they are the ones who get to do everything for their kids. I’m like now you know what not-even-half of the teachers’ have to go through when they were still having class in a room with more than 20 kids everyday

They get paid for what they do? Yeah, of course. But I mean, you don’t really just put your child’s future into their hands. Isn’t it why you’re called “parents”? 

Its more than paying for their tuition and buying their school supplies until they are able to. Just consider yourself blessed that you can watch your off-springs grow and learn while you can, instead of just asking them when they come home “How was school?” and get an “it was fine” answer even if it wasn’t. 

2nd: I see a lot of students on TikTok being disrespectful to the teachers during the online sessions. True or not (hello, social media), it is not cool to post it because some may think that its OK to do it. 

Also, complaints on having loads of home works/assignments/projects on the first day. I mean, compared to being in quarantine for days? I’d be excited to keep my mind and hands busy.  

Having online classes have its perks:

  • no need to wake up that early to dress up, drive/commute (+ more allowance savings) and walk (less sweat)
  • Free food all day because there’s always mom’s cooking and you have stocked snacks (again, additional savings)
  • you get to be productive than just scrolling on your social media timelines and streaming online games that at the end of the day, you can say “Hey I did something today”.

Well, this is just me looking at the bright side of things. 

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