Exactly 3 months since my last rant/post/entry. May seem like a long time but when you think about it, same stuff happen everyday so those are somehow not worth blogging. Like, get asked by the same questions:
Are your eyes really light brown or are you wearing contact lenses?
Honestly, this is the question I dont really mind nor get tired of saying “YES” to. haha. Yeah, Im just proud that it is. So yep its real! 🙂 Though I do wear clear contact lenses due to bad eyesight. I can only see things and recognize people who are in a maximum of 3 feet near me. I did try wearing colored contact lenses before but it was sometimes uncomfy and they expire faster.
with contacts
without contacts
But there was this one time that it got me a little annoyed. While we were ordering at one of the famous fastfood chains, I was looking at the menu behind the cashier. I didn’t notice that she was staring at me coz usually they just smile and look once waiting for your orders. When I was about to place my order, she then elbowed her fellow crew beside her and both of them stared. I looked at them both back and asked with eyebrows raised, “Pwede na magorder?”
Fact 1: I dont like being stared at. It makes me reaaallly conscious and insecure :-/
Are you a tomboy or lesbian?
No. I move/act/dress boyishly but that doesnt mean I am. I do admire uber nice pretty girls/women and have lots of awesome gay friends. but Im straight. 🙂 A super Fact 2.
My relationship status in FB is with one of my best gal friends. It was just a big tripping and it worked REALLY well! As they say, “walang basagan ng trip ng iba”. In other words, mind yer own biz. LOL.
People are so fascinated with online information that they dont mind or even forget the real world which holds the truth.
Why are you NBSB?
NBSB or No Boyfriend Since Birth. Hell yeah me and my best friends are! m/
I literally hang like a processing computer when I get asked this question. LMAO! Sometimes when different people ask me that, different answers also come out. HAHA. The answers are very true though so I never lied about it.
“Coz I definitely dont have the supermodel qualities that most guys look for in a gal”
“i enjoy being single so i can still hold of my own time and be independent”
“…most of my suitors are now my kabarkada coz were better off as that”
But when I ask myself that, the answer thats always been in my head is (Fact 3:) Im still kind of immature, that Im sometimes careless with whatever I do or say that most of the time it affects people around me in a negative way. I dont want anyone getting hurt or hassled (is there such a word?) because of me (if ever they are or they’ll be). I know how I could handle my own excess baggage or pain but people are different, so I dunno how they will/can handle theirs. It would be, like, in my conscience forever if they got hurt because of me. 
To be continued..
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