Yey! Everything’s new for me this year 🙂 I’ll be starting from scratch. New work begins on Monday 🙂 Its gonna be a new environment, new world (or culture hehe) and of course new acquaintances which will soon be my new found friends.

BUT… I will never forget my 2010. Thinking over what happened in my life the past year, I realized its the most fruitful. I mean, I was able to experience ALL..haha! Seriously.. and I thank God for those happenings or experiences. See? He wouldnt give you challenges or obstacles you cant handle. I’m the living proof! lol 😀

We may all have an unforgettable something in 2010, but we can already consider it as part of our personal histories. Also, though they say that history repeats itself, we still have the joystick to our future.

Its time to move on and start a clean slate! Forgive and forget. Let all the positive vibes in! I will 😀

Lets all do a happy bunny hop to the new year 2011!

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