A/N: I finished the finale 2 minutes before I started writing this so I did not forget anything. But I could’ve missed something. If I did you’re always welcomed in my ask.  

There’s no doubt Regina was Snow White in the AU. However RH was not Charming. Ok for the sace of the argument let’s say he wasn’t the only one. Regina with three different characters were paralleled with Snow and Charming: RH, Emma and even Henry.

When I was making the gifs it dawned on me: why did Henry ask if Regina ruined ‘Queen’s’ life? He knew the answer. I know they were aiming for parallel but plot wise this question was stupid coming from Henry.

The Henry parallel was a small one and didn’t have anything to do with romance (naturally)


Unlike RH and Emma ones… Ugh, it seems so pointless to me to even compare these two… But science demands it, so…

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