Last Shelter Survival: Heroes How-to

While scrolling through my Instagram feeds I saw an ad about this free zombie-killing game called Last Shelter Survival (available in iOS and Android), and I instantly installed it. Little did I know that it was more than that, now I’m so engrossed in the game for more or less than 6 months to the point that I’m buying in-app purchases and even have a subscription monthly.

So a little intro, my main base is named **Jenny** (the asterisks are yellow stars in real life, I just cant find the right icon here in WP). Originally, it was ReginaLocksley but I changed it).

[EDIT (January 2019)] I just upgraded to level 21, wherein I think I will stay longer because upgrading is getting expensive, is currently with 1wP (One Wolf Pack) Alliance in State 39. I am State 40-born, but that state is no longer the place to be. The States grow really fast that the latest as of this writing is State 230+ if I’m not mistaken.[/EDIT]

The game is 20% zombie killing, 60% combat/war game, 20% farming. Lets start with the combat.

In every siege (either attacking a zombie or an enemy’s base), you need troops/soldiers, and their leaders are referred to as heroes. Together as a team, they are called armored personnel carrier or APC, an armored vehicle (usually equipped with caterpillar treads) that is used to transport infantry. For them to be stronger, more efficient and effective, your heroes and troops should be matched. Once you are able to mix and match the heroes skills with the troops, there will be more chances of winning the battle/s.

First, know how to position your soldiers. It should be Fighters (1st line) – Vehicles (2nd) – and Shooters. Here’s a simpler explanation why (btw, this came from Exo Chat Forum and was sent by one of the commenters below):


For the heroes, see the table below (listed are the common ones only. If you’re using a smartphone, this post is best viewed in landscape mode):

This list is not done yet. I have friends helping me out collate these info since I haven’t personally gotten all the heroes above.LSS Heroes related page part 2 will include other Orange Heroes along with the purples and some of the blues and greens.

Ciao for now 🙂

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  1. Great article, thank you for publishing it. Any thoughts on the other heros? Would it be better to have an u skilled orange hero or a skilled up purpal hero in an Apc with 2 other skilled up orange heros?

    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by. I’m drafting the part 2 of this write up and hopefully I can post it soon. I’m also basing on the other gamers’ experiences for the other Oranges since my main base is not really getting them that much. Haha!

      Hmm.. personally Main and 1st APC have all Oranges. My 3rd has 1 purple and 2 oranges (well, 1 reserved and pending due to ongoing research), my 4th has 2 purples.

      Actually, the only difference between Purples and Oranges is the number of Skills. Purples have 6 (2 combats), while Oranges have 8 (3-4 combats).
      For me they work the same, they have the same strength when everything has been maxed out. You just need to know where to put them.

      For example, NEC-Romancer, who is one of the best purples out there (Socialite is the other). Her 1st combat skill where the range is 3, target is random enemy so you can give her any troops (fighter or vehi). But she works better with Vehicles since that skill is called Poison Gas so it makes sense. 🙂

      Hope this somehow helps. Let me know if you have clarifications. I do my best to respond.

      Thanks again! 🙂

  2. Hi. Thanks for this, I’m looking for the best possible combination of heroes.

    Quick question, you list “Effective Range”, what is this showing me, the position of where to put them in the APC?

    I’m assuming that the lower the number should be at the front, while the higher number should be at the back?


    1. Hello James! Hope you had a great Christmas and New year 😃

      Yep, the Effective Range (ER) determines the hero placements in your APC. This is important when it comes to heroes with skill sets that says they can handle any units.

      Most of the older States we have battled with during SvS dont know how to arrange their heroes yet. So though theyre Level 25 and all the skills of their heroes are maxed out, they can easily be beaten by a smaller base but properly arranged heroes/troops and better research.

      Hero combinations like who goes well with whom is not really necessary. For so long as you know the troops that your hero need to lead, and where to place them, youre good to go 🙂

      For example, Dawn Guardian is so far the best hero out there with an ER of 5 and can handle any units. Automatically he goes in the 3rd spot where the Shooters are. But if you also want to have an all vehicle or all fighter APC, he can still be used in the 3rd APC spot. He is that great. Lol.

      So yeah if you put a hero with an ER of 2 (Forsaken hero for example) in the 3rd range, it wouldnt work because they will just hit your own troops in front of them. Same goes when you put Dawn in the 1st spot, his hits will just pass by your enemy’s troops.

      Let me know if you need further clarifications. Haha! Im not sure if I explained it that well.

      Thanks for visiting 😃

      1. Thanks for that, it’s more or less what I thought. I didn’t know if you put a ER5 hero in the 1st row it won’t be that effective. I assumed it’ll still hit those 3 enemy rows with the same efficiency. Good to know though.

        I’m aiming to run an all vehicle APC. Question though to you, what would be more effective?


        Or an all vehicle APC with the Vehicle War Room maxed out to the base level? Obviously the war room benefit only works if all troops in an APC are the same.

        1. You’re welcome 🙂

          Putting an ER5 hero in the front row is not totally ineffective. Its just that lets say if the Dawn Guardian is in the 1st line of defense, his hits during battle will be thrown to the back of the enemy’s Shooter line. It can still throw hits to their Shooters but the aim will not be as exact. Its like trying to shoot basketball, but the ball will go over the board. Its hard to explain in writing but its more like the projectile? Lol.

          Most of the Class APCs follow the normal F-V-S arrangement. But YES indeed! It is best and recommended to have an all vehicle APC so you can reach the enemy (they also say that it plunders more fuel) and/or go to rallies much faster (cuts the travel time almost in half) if you’re too far away from your alliance’s hive. Usually this is the APC I, but it depends on the player really. We have players who have all their APCs carry vehicles 🙂 But on the downside, more vehicles, your fuel production will go down as well.

          Regarding the War Rooms, yes. The higher the level, the better. Mine is only level 12 though my base is 21 because their uses are only taken advantage of when you have APCs focused with the said troops.

          Speaking of building levels, YES, everything inside your City should be aligned with your base level especially your rss tiles. Like if you have 6 fuel tiles and you’re level 21, all of it should be 21 or the production will be less. The only thing that isnt affected are the PowerPlants (which you should make sure to always be full because fuel, wood and iron production depend on electricity), since it is dependent on how much fuel you put in.

          I will put up another post but its more like FAQs. I’ll include our exchanges. 🙂 Thanks again!

          1. Hello. Good work this text. I made a mistake having super recruitment card and war boss chuck in offer and i clicked on super recruit not on special. Tell me about those s1 heroes are they good better than orange ones or what? And alot of questions i have to ask you

  3. Hi. You seem to be the man in the know.

    I have a few hero’s but don’t fully understand the position.

    ER 1
    ER 2
    ER 3
    ER 4
    ER 5
    ER 6

    1-3 I guess is the position in my APC. However what about 4-6? Is 6 counting, 3rd place in my APC if the ER is 6. They fire and, 1 over my 3rd apc, 2 over my second APC, 3 over my first APC, 4 over their 1st APC, 5 over their second APC, and then 6 hits their 3rd APC possition? Or have I thought about this all wrong?

    1. Hello Lucy! Glad to see another lady gamer 🙂

      So.. heroes with skills with the below ER..
      (btw this is based on experience with the heroes im familiar with. not sure if it varies. LOL)

      ER 1-3: can be placed on APC Slot 1 (putting an ER 3 in front can still reach the enemy’s 3rd APC slot)
      ER 3-4: APC slot 2
      ER 4 and up: APC slot 3 (putting an ER 4 in slot 3 of your APC can still reach the enemy’s 2nd APC slot)

      You’re doing great! 🙂

  4. Jenny – Thank you for this post, it was exceptionally helpful to me (a new player on 230, currently base 16). We are starting our first SvS and I needed to understand how this stuff worked right away!

    Your comments and responses to other replies were also very helpful. I look forward to your next post.

    1. Welcome to this addicting game, Huxter! 🙂
      You’re welcome. I’m planning to put up the part 2 but I’m kinda busy with real life. I’ll try my best. Haha.

      Well, SvS or Clash of Zones at level 16? I recommend participating in the weekday challenges (gathering, building, etc), then I strongly suggest that you do a 3-day shield during the battle weekend. While shielded, you’re still helping your State by not getting any of your troops killed which in turn gives points to the enemy. Also, continue to do research, especially the Zone Commemoration bracket.

      For now just research, research, research. Max out the first 2 levels in the research lab + the Zone Comm.

      And yes, separate posts about LSS Clash of Zones and Doomsday are in the works. 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

      1. Your suggestion to take cover during the LC event is apt! Fortunately the strongest bases are still just 20 (and only 6 or 7 so far). That said, the gap between t6 troops vs t7 is enormous – not to mention the research in between.

        As far as research, this is the struggle! It is difficult to pick just one path of research at a time, so I have been doing the (very silly) “get all of them started and then circle back later” thing.

        Now, to address your real life comment. This is unacceptable! haha

        I’m mostly joking, but we all eagerly await your next post for sure.

        1. Haha glad to know my suggestion helped. It was based from experience. Lol. While theyre fighting you can just watch how they do it so you’ll know when you’re ready.

          It is indeed advisable to have t7 first before going to battle. Though I started when I had 3 Orange heroes and T6s. But I made sure first that I had the Basic Military and Improved Medical both maxed out before joining KE. 🙂 Another tip right there. You can then “circle back later” the APC II research. Haha.:D

          Im planning to put up a message board too or an online community so everyone with the same questions can just read as well as post their experiences.

          Have fun! 🙂

  5. Hi Jenny, another follow up question, last night I got the Deagon Danny, and was advised by an aliasnce mate to “If you’re going to use him, put Fighter troops in the 3rd line of your APC.” I thought this was odd till rereading this post today. Hahah seems your very popular. Now for my questions. Why would someone not use what seems like a strong hero? Also, I understand the advantage of an all car apc, but what would be the advantage stage of an all fighter apc? Thanks I. Advance for your insight.

    1. Jenny may correct me, but I think I can help you here –

      1. If someone chooses to bench a (strong) hero, it’s likely because they either a) can’t fit them in their APC, b) the hero’s skills aren’t leveled up enough to compete with the one taking its place or c) they are allergic to orange things.

      2. Well, if your heroes suit an all fighter formation, the only other reason (that I know of) is the Dreadnought set bonus. If you have a 6-piece set bonus with the dreadnought, you get huge attacking buffs and a “healing effect” that keeps them alive. This makes the fighter formation pretty difficult to kill (and they are already pretty “tanky”).

      1. These are great insights!! Thank you so much!
        I havent done the Dreadnought yet since I’m not so much into upgrading etc because I’m focusing more on research. I need my Zone Comm done. lol.

        Thanks again!

    2. Hello again, E-Kwai.
      Haha, if indeed your alliance mate visits this post, thank him for me. 🙂

      Why would someone not use what seems like a strong hero?: it is probably how the players see them perform. I for one dont think that Forsaken is strong enough even if his skills have been maxed out. If you see the skill levels definition percentages (this is what you use the Wisdom Medals for), you’ll know if they’re good or not.

      what would be the advantage stage of an all fighter apc? : You can actually have a dedicated APC with your choice of troops, just make sure that the heroes you put in are fit to handle them. Having an all-fighter APC is great for defense, but not really as good for attacking. That is why Vehi and Shooters are there to back them up 🙂 If you’re gonna have an all-fighter, they can defend your base well when you’re being attacked.

      I hope it makes sense? haha.. lemme know if it isnt. Lol.

  6. Kind of related to this topic – can you explain the differences between the skill requirements for combat heroes? “Requirement: When hero is leading any units.” versus “Requirement: Effective when stationed in the barracks.” please?

    I’m assuming that when it says “when hero is leading any units” is when that particular APC is on the attack, while “Effective when stationed in barracks.” means that the hero’s APC is currently at the base?

    Your guide was a huge help in explaining combat ranges, thank you.

    1. Hi Seraphus! 🙂

      “Requirement: Effective when stationed in the barracks.” means that a hero can be used for combat (attack/defense) — usually can be found on the details of Oranges and some Purples.

      Lets say that you have put a hero in your APC, the “Requirement: When hero is leading any units.” means that they can handle any troops (Fighters, Vehicles and Shooters) assigned to them in your APC (because there are heroes which have a specific troop that would work well with them).

      Thank you! I’m still working on it. 😀

  7. You’re is actually the most definitive guide and information ANYONE can find online. Not to mention that you’re info is top-tier helpful. You ought to monetize your personal blog with Google AdSense, you’ll make money in your sleep. Btw, thanks for the info, I’m your unofficial student and have helped/trained most my Alliance off the info here. You’re awesome!

    1. Hello Chizzle!

      That’s great to know 🙂 I’m thinking of that Google Ad sense thing and may probably go for it. But most visitors dont really like ads and it would take the site to load a bit longer. This has also been my personal blog and didnt really expect that my LSS related post would help a lot of player and its really fun though. But I’ll check it out. You may also want to let your State or alliance know about the online community I also set up. it would be awesome to help one another too 🙂

      Thanks so much again. <3

  8. Hey you seem to have really put some thought into this game and figuring things out. have been playing for a year now and never really looked into position of heros. Any ideas on how to recruit orange hero’s? Or is it just a matter of chance?

    1. Hello Tom!

      Oh yeah, this is the only game i liked (well, after Starcraft, Warcraft and Counter Strike) very much so Im really into this. I also learn from the other long time players so sending your kudos to them as well. 🙂

      Im also not really lucky in getting Oranges, sorry. I only got my Season heroes from DD rewards.
      However, 3 of them I got from doing the Purple – Normal – Super Recruitment pattern that another player suggested. it worked randomly 3x but you may want to try it. I actually still think it is indeed a matter of chance 🙂

      Thank you!

  9. Hi Jenny,

    I am just starting on hero cooperation, rather new to this game, just one week in. So I only have 2 orange hero so far namely militant and iron guard. I need to upgrade some purple heroes for my second apc so do you have a like a ranking of the best purple heroes?

    1. Hey Jasper!

      Hope you’re enjoying the game so far.
      You can position Militant in the first row with Fighters, while Iron guard on the 3rd with Shooters.
      For Purples, make sure they have the Awaken skill just to know that theyre designed for combat. Right now, the strongest purples are still Necromancer and Socialite. Igniis Fatuus is good too.

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