Last Shelter Survival: Doomsday (DD) Conquest Basics

This is created by Twidget of GAM Alliance in State 125 (if he hasnt migrated yet). If you happen to know him or visit the state where he is in, thank him for me please. 🙂


This guide contains information for the Doomsday Event. A lot of this information is combined from multiple sources as well as from the in-game information tab. Doomsday Conquest is an event where alliances work together to conquer territory resources, upgrade Honor Structures, participate in the Competition Seasons, and win valuable rewards.


  1. During the beginning of the event, players are able to occupy territories. Territories will have tiles with POLLUTED natural resource plots. These are what will be occupied by your troops. You must attack it and conquer it in order to own it. Your troops will automatically return to your base after that resources plot is captured.
  2. You want to occupy the POLLUTED resource tiles, which can be easily seen having neither a BLUE or GREEN square around them.

The BLUE SQUARE indicates that that tile is owned by someone in your alliance. The GREEN SQUARE indicates that the tile belongs to you.

  1. The higher level of the territory, the better resources and Influence value. You should increase of level up your Virus Research Facility to help with this.
  2. Different types of territory, produce different resources. (Oil, Water, Forest/Trees, Iron/ Stone, Dirt and Cactus which can be processed into food).
  3. Once you conquer a territory the resources will automatically accumulate and you must go into the Doomsday Menu and Harvest them in order to get them into your inventory.
  4. it is necessary to use the Processing Plant to process the polluted resources into normal resource items. Be sure your immunity is at a high enough level to successfully capture the polluted Resource plot. (Refer to Research Facility Information further down).
  5. You can occupy areas adjacent to the owned territory (8 square blue tiles), adjacent to Honor Structures or Alliance Centers.

This is accomplished by selecting an empty plot next to a blue or green square and then selecting “occupy”. Once the troops have occupied that area it should turn into a green tile, making it belong to you. This is how you can extend your reach across the map.  Remember this is an empty plot and you will not gain resources, so use this method in small increments to get to additional resources.

  1. After being occupied, the territory will have a certain amount of protection time (potentially 30 mins). During the protection time other players cannot attack that territory.
  2. Every player has a limit on how many territories they can occupy. Territory caps increase every day, over time.

Side Note: You can acquire Extend Plans which will give you access to another plot for each additional plan used. This gives you one more territory you can occupy, this helping you conquer tiles and gather more resources.

  1. You can build adjacent to your own tiles (GREEN TILES) or Alliance tiles (BLUE TILES), this will extend how far you can extend on the map to reach other resources.
  2. The occupied territory can be abandoned, but it takes time to give up and during that time you cannot occupy another territory until the timer expires.


  1. Occupy territory to get Influence Value.
  2. Every level of territory has their own influence value.

  1. The rings pictured above are a good estimation of the influence values. Starting from the outside and going in towards the Launch Center, they are valued from the lowest to the highest influence points. You will begin by building structures in the outside areas and building up influence initially and increasing your Virus Protection Research and then continuing onto the next rings when you are able and ready.
  2. With Influence value, you can receive money rewards on a regular basis.
  3. The higher the Influence value, the higher the reward.


  1. The territories in the world are infected with the virus. The closer to the center of the world, the higher the territory level and the higher the infection intensity. (You have to do Virus Research in order to mitigate this)
  2. When the troops don’t have enough immunity, the troops will receive poison damage at the end of each round of combat.

3. The greater the immunity gap, the higher the damage

4. Building and upgrading the Virus Research facility can increase the immunity of the troops allowing you to take on higher level tiles to occupy

5. You should get your VIRUS RESEARCH FACILITY to level 4/5 in order to move to the  Alliance Center 2 in order to conquer the higher-level territories.


  1. Honor Structures must be built near the alliance center to begin with.

      2. There are 4 types of honor structures:

  • Processing Plant can purify the polluted resources yielded from the territories into regular resources and honor structure upgrading materials. Upgrade the building level to increase the processing speed and amount processed.
  • Virus Lab can heal wounded soldiers and increase troop immunity (Requirement to occupy higher level territory).
  • Guardian Fortress can increase the troop resistance (Field battles include: land battles and honor building battles).
  • Special Operation Command can increase troop Might (Field battles include: land battles and honor building battles).
  1. During the event, Honor Structures can yield great advantages. After the event, Honor Structures will be recalled.

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