I never liked Willie Revillame, even during MTB days. I was actually wondering why he was even given another chance with the show Wowowee.

First few months of his first comeback (or was it 2nd?!) in ABS CBN was ok, saying how thankful he was for his friends who helped him survive during his “downtime"after being laid off due to the controversy on his previous show MTB. That was fine, since he should be grateful after all!

But obviously that was just for show, ya know.

After Wowowee was cancelled and replaced by Pilipinas Win na Win (which I think is a pretty good and fun show with Kris A. and Robin P), he said bad things about the network that made or helped him to be so rich and famous, ABS CBN, alongside filing a case and never stopped badmouthing channel 2. To think that he’ll never even will be able to get luxury houses and cars if it wasnt for his show.

He was given chances one to many times. But its more than enough. I think that he just got lucky again in getting the show at TV5, Willing Willie. I wonder what he said (or gave?!) to his new network’s management. Prolly few of his house and lots? Or brand new sedans like what he gave to each of his show’s dancers who sided with him? Pffft. Coins.

Life is a cycle. Once an addict, always an addict.

Most of all, karma is soooooo digital. If im not mistaken, it began when you said bad stuff about ABS CBN. The original network who actually made him known, the basis of his new show Willing Willie. Then he also called his "best friend” on-air, telling John Estrada that he is no longer interested in becoming a best man to JE’s wedding.

Willing Willie is now on a “set back” due to the “Jan-Jan” issue, and it is again the host’s fault. But he’ll NEVER admit it. In fact, he threatened to sue those who said bad stuff about him on Twitter! Immature, isnt he?

Number one, Twitter is a social networking site and should probably need to get one and not depend on hear-says.

Two, NOBODY said anything bad about him personally (i follow those he is pinpointing, and planning to sue). Its about what he did to the poor kid, making him dance like a macho dancer while crying. Its about the situation..not about Willie personally. Willie reacting like that only shows that he is guilty.

Three, Willie keeps on saying that his show is for the people. He claims to be needed by the people. Raaaaayyyyt you are…not. Just for your info Willie R, if you are really so “willing willie” to help the people who are need, you dont need a TV show. Those celebrities you are threatening to sue, what were they able to do for the people you ask?

Ever remember what Jim Paredes, along with Danny Javier and Buboy Garovillo, did at EDSA Rev, to mention a few? Lea Salonga made Filipino talents be recognized abroad, aside from handling/managing her own fund raising activities and charities. Yes, plural. Did she ever need paparazzi following her around to be able to share her blessings? Same goes with Bianca Gonzales, she posts her adventures during her charity visits and encourage people to help too, aside from helping about 10 kids or more in finishing their studies. Moreover, whatever you said about Aiza Seguerra is way out of line. That is so foul, man. Not even connected to your controversy. Who are you to say that when you dont even have half the talents and achievements of Aiza S.?   

Obviously, you wanting to help is just for your own sake. You have a show, you’re getting paid, and you have sponsors. Also, the “help” you are giving to the people, most of it didnt come from your own pocket.

Have you also ever thought that you have supporters because you give big and easy money. What if you no longer do so, ya think that they’ll still be your followers?

If you really mean helping, it should be automatic. Never expect something in return…like humiliating someone, especially a kid (minor) in front of an audience and in nationwide TV. You are a TV personality, you should know how to be a host. You should know how to do responsible hosting.

Indeed we may not be aware of what you do behind the camera. But as Bianca G puts it: “I really believe that what a person says or writes is a reflection of the kind of person he or she is.”

Well, I want to say good luck to TV5 in seeking improvement for Willing Willie. I hope they’ll also realize very soon that their host needs a hell lotta help from the experts from across the globe…combined. Divine intervention may also help.

Just sayin.

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