‘The Price’ – Sneak Peek #1

The “setting up” mentioned in PR is starting with this… I think.

to be a savior is twice as hard for regina becuase the one to be saved doesn’t believe her to be the savior, while when she came to storybrooke pre-curse breaking, Regina might not know she is the savior but she knew there is a savior.

so WHEN the time comes regina becomes the savior, I suspect she’ll be a more powerful savior than emma – just as emma was a more powerful villain than regina.

its regina and emma against all odds.

Are they using a (subtle) voice changer on Emma, to make her voice lower, or is that just her doing it? Because it sorta sounds like a pitch changer? 

Also, damn you Swan! But never stop. But do stop. But don’t stop. Ugh. Feelings. 

​It sounded to me like there was some kind of echo effect being used on her voice to make her seem that bit creepier.

It’s kind of like there is two people talking in her body, which would be oddly appropriate given what we’ve seen with Rumple so far…

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