I dunno if there’s such a word, lol. I dont really use make-up too much, but these are currently what I have to at least look presentable, harhar (Im always into no make-up make-up look. I rarely use eyeliners and I dont use eyeshadows):
I believe Revlon’s Photoready products are kinda new. It’s around $19 or PhP900+. It may sound pricey but in my opinion, its worth it because it is effective (on me 🙂 ) They also have liquid foundations and other variations of powder etc in the same Photoready line. Check it out so you can get them in the department stores near you.
The Cinema Secrets concealer is my ultimate must have. It is one of the best concealers in the market. As the name pertains, it is indeed being used by make-up professionals/artists in hollywood. I knew about Cinema Secrets products when they launched here in the Philippines when I was just in high school (my mom works for TV so they were invited to cover the event). They gave out samples (if thats what you can call it coz they really gave out a LOT) of each of their products and lucky for us to be one of those who tried it first.
This particular concealer may be expensive (bought it around Php1,200 or nearly $30) but we dont regret it. Its REALLY worth it since you will not need to use too much of it to get the result you want, so you’re gonna be using it for a long time (but take note of the expiration).
These are what I want to get soon (and I will 🙂 )

Yeah I dont really use any lipstick but since I already found the shade I have been looking for (the Barbie pink color), I think I will 🙂