I was really hoping to get my clearance done yesterday so I can go to my planned walks. I just had 2 departments left anyway, the IT and facilities. It shouldve been done last week though but the IT head was off in an emergency leave. When I asked the receptionist at that time, the attendant said they had no idea until when. The answer that I actually expected I would get. Since our receptionist was really nice I just let it go.
Note:  IT personnel sched: 9PM – 6AM. Facilities people come in at 10AM – 5PM (accdg to Ms. Receptionist)
Being that my workplace is about a 15-minute normal walk away from my place, there is nothing I can do but to go there twice. 
Facilities..check at 4.30pm! 
IT check at around 11.40pm (check out the time difference)! 
HR done about few minutes after IT. 

However, they asked me to have my boss fill out the check list of my accruals etc. Since our our immediate sup is on leave and our OIC has no records of it, I had no choice but to go to the “powers that should be”. WTH, the response I got is that he has no access to the drive that the information is being saved. 

Excuse me? Supervisors have access, and he is a Supervisor’s supervisor.
Then he said that the files are kept within the drive’s folders..and it may also be within a folder in/of a folder. And I quote, “…bubuksan ko pa lahat yun?" 
*dumbfounded right thurr*

YOU CAN. YOU actually CAN. Its either he’s just TOO LAZY to do it or he doesnt want to do it (read on why Im so sure he can). 

Since he knows where I live, he asked me to come back.  WTF? The subdivision where I live may look like its near the building. My exact location or my house ISN’T. He doesnt really care how much of a hassle it is to go back and follow their work shifts, which is in graveyard. Yes, because he has a car and wont go walking along Commonwealth Avenue at around 12 MN.

So, escalate to tier 3? I might. Dont think I didnt know that it can be accessed through our automated time keeping system. Yeah, I purposely didnt bring it up when we were talking since I wanted to prove to myself he was lying. Well, looks like I succeeded, and too bad I have a witness.

Go figure.