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Which COVID19 vaccine is for you?

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Yes, it is an individual’s prerogative and right to choose, esp when our health and life are are at risk. But are we doing it wisely?

I’d like to re-share this information about the differences of the COVID19 vaccines. This came from the Quezon City Viber Group where I am a member of. Sorry in advance because most are in Tagalog as this came from a fellow citizen (whose name I wouldn’t mention for security purposes).

Just Sharing lang po:

Differences of Vaccines

A. Non-Replicating: Astra, Jansen, Sinovac, Sinopharm, SputnikV, and Novavax

  • …fixed ang dami ng proteins na ibibigay sayo. Example: kung 100 spike proteins ang laman ng vial ay 100 lang din yun sa loob ng katawan mo, di po sya dadami.

B. MessengerRNA (mRNA): Moderna and Pfizer

  • …expected na mas madami ang proteins sa loob ng katawan. Bakit? Yung vaccine ay may message sa ating cells na ang ating cells na mismo ang gagawa ng spike proteins. So kung gusto ng cells natin ay 10,000 spike proteins or mahigit ang gagawin, ay ganun nga ang mangyayari.

C. The more spike proteins, the more antibodies ang gagawin ng katawan natin laban sa mga spike proteins na ito.

1. Ang non-replicating type – ay may magagawa pa ring antibodies pero limited lang dahil di nga dumadami ang proteins ng kusa.

2. Ang messengerRNA type – ay mas madaming antibodies ang magagawa at mas mataas ang protection laban sa Covid 19. So yan ang advantage.

D. So ano ang bagay sayo?

1. If may history ka ng allergy like pantal pantal sa katawan dahil sa gamot or hipon (pasayan) or mani o ano pang pagkain, I suggest avoid ka ng messengerRNA. Mismong Pfizer ang nagsabi po na bawal sa may allergies.

2. Ang proteins kasi ay pwedeng maka allergy. Yung itlog may proteins yan kaya yung iba ay nagrarashes.

3. So, kung nagkataon na di ka hiyang sa spike proteins at continues ang production ng cells mo nito ay baka mag severe allergy ka. At least yung non replicating, kokonte lang yung proteins so hindi possible ang allergy mo since minimal lng and can stop immediately, dahil walang new production ng proteins.

4. Kung ikaw naman ay elderly na at mabagal na or may dala dalang mga sakit, it is suggested na non-replicating than messengerRNA ang piliin. Yung trabaho na dinedamand po kasi ng messengerRNA sa ating katawan ay mas mataas kumpara sa non-replicating.

5. Anong trabaho ng katawan natin sa mRNA?

a. Gagawa ang katawan natin ng proteins. Effort yan.

b. Gagawa ka rin ng antibodies laban sa proteins. So kung mdamingproteins, madami ring antibodies. So another trabaho yan ng katawan natin na mas mabigat.

c. Kapag nagbangaan na ang mga proteins at antibodies sa loob ng katawan mo ay another energy yan.

6. Anong trabaho sa Non-replicating?

a. Di ka gagawa ng proteins dahil may proteins na sa vial.

b. Mas konti lang angantibodies mong gagawin, kasi nga hindi dumadami angproteins.

c. Yung banggaan ng proteins at antibodies ay di masyado mabigat sa katawan kasikokonti lang sila or just enough.

7. So mas magiging busy po ang katawan sa messenger RNA. Bibilis ang heartbeat mo at daluy ng dugo. Para bang nag jogging ka pero naka upo ka lang.

8. For me all vaccines are great, you just need to identify your body and understand how these different vaccines work.

9. Gaya ng jogging, healthy po yan, pero di po bagay sa lahat, especially sa may sakit o matatanda.

This is just an excerpt po from the lecture of Dr. Richard Mata, for reference lng. Thank you.


That is all.

Sense of Deja Vu…

But this time, there is a pandemic to blame.

Like many companies around the world, the one we’re in started laying off employees. Our whole team is part of Wave 3.

Surprisingly, I’m emotionally fine (at least I think I am), probably because I’ve been in the same situation in 2016 when there was a reduction due to redundant positions 🤷. What is heartbreaking was hearing (and seeing) my immediate supervisor deliver the bad news. It is undoubtedly the most difficult task to do. 🙁

Currently, I’m still OK but I’m too disoriented that I feel like my brain cells are everywhere. My anxiety level is at 999 because since the pandemic I am the only one working. The utility bills, my own bills, groceries, mom’s meds or any emergency gastos are on me. *My gahly*.

My diversion now is non-stop browsing in LinkedIn, JobStreet, Kalibrr and all other websites where you can see job openings being listed, sending out my CV like candies, and composing cover letters. Fortunately, there are a lot of openings and they’re currently on Work From Home status until further notice.

My teammates/family at work will meet up next week to submit the needed documents (clearance), return assets, and pick up the stuff we have in the office. When I think about it… the last time we saw each other was March 15[?], or when the quarantine started. When we meet or see each other next, it will also be kind-of the last time after spending more than 8 hours a day with them for almost 4 years.

I have been working for a total of 14 years, and I have different experiences with various professionals. But I can say that the bonding with my recent team (Center of Excellence) is at the top of my list. Don’t get me wrong, I am forever grateful to everyone I’ve been with in my previous endeavors, from whom I really learned a lot for sure. It’s just that this is the first time I felt the family vibe at work. I trust that we’ll meet again really soon. 🙂

For now, it’s just another waiting game. I’m psyching myself that this too shall pass. God will never put you in a situation, nor give you challenges, without a safe way out.

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