Regardless of the content or results, we appreciate feedback like a normal human being. I mean, I know people who get frustrated when their partners do not reply to the “Have you eaten?” question.😅

As someone who’ve sent more than a hundred applications online since November 2020, I have only gotten +/- 20 templated emails telling me that they will not be moving forward with my application because they have found the individual more fit in the role. It is not as detailed as I would’ve preferred, like indicating the reasons why I didn’t get in. But hey, at least I got something. Honestly, I appreciate that a lot compared to the companies I applied to. There are about 2-3 that I had done 3 interviews with (1 over the phone and 2 via Zoom), then after that completely nada.

It is still important NOT to ignore or “ghost” applicants when they obviously did not pass the job screening process. Why?

  1. Feedback can help job applicants gauge what they need to improve on. Like how they answered in the interview, do they need to gain more experience for their desired position, etc. However, I completely understand if those info are unavailable because there might be 1 position with hundreds of applicants. But something is still better than nothing.
  2. We want to know if we can move forward in trying to reach our professional goals with other companies. The recruiters may be aware that we also submitted CVs to other job listings. But we prioritize those who respond and give feedback first.
  3. It says a lot about the company. If we cannot be given a simple feedback, how shady are the processes, policies, etc they have in there? I guess we’ll never know.
  4. We have exerted time and effort. We just didn’t click the “Apply” button, attached the required files and hit on “send”. Aside from mentally and emotionally preparing ourselves, making multiple revisions to our CVs, most job listings/openings have cover letter requirements, questions to answer, and forms to fill out (wherein the answers to the questions btw, are all indicated in the resume you have to attach before submitting).
  5. For mental health. It eases the anxiety we had in submitting the application, as well as while waiting for any kind of feedback.

These reasons or thoughts are all mine. If you’re a recruiter and you find these somehow offensive (for lack of a lighter term), it might be time to make a suggestion to update your hiring process, if you have any.

After all, even in real life, we don’t want to let anyone hanging (like who would want that? 😏).