[This is just an edited repost of my 2018 post which I kind of lost because I had issues with my previous host.]

While scrolling through my Instagram feeds I saw an ad about this free zombie-killing game called Last Shelter Survival (available in iOS and Android), and I instantly installed it. Little did I know that it was more than that.

So a little intro, my main base is named **Jenny** (the asterisks are yellow stars, I just cant find the right icon). Originally when I signed up, it was ReginaLocksley but I renamed it obviously). I am originally State 40-born, but migrated one state (S39) back where I am currently a member of DMN Alliance.

As of this writing, my base is level 25, which is the maximum that it can go to (I think). While I did spend real money on this game for some individual packs and a short-term subscription, it has been like 2 years before I was able to max it out. I also have 4 farms that I make sure are always near my main. Plus, when you reach B25, you will be able to create a combat base which is just a mini me of your main. Its cute, though the buildings and researches take 2 days minimum to be built. So if you have collected your speed ups and gems/diamonds, be ready to spend them all unless you prefer to wait.

Moving on, the game is only 20% zombie killing, 60% combat/war game, 20% farming. Lets start with the combat.

In every siege (either attacking a zombie or an enemy’s base), you need troops/soldiers, and their leaders are referred to as heroes. Together as a team, they are called armored personnel carrier (APC), an armored vehicle (usually equipped with caterpillar treads) that is used to transport infantry. For them to be stronger, more efficient and effective, your heroes and troops should be matched. Once you are able to mix and match the heroes skills with the troops, there will be more chances of winning the battle/s.

First, know how to position your soldiers. If you are just starting (or otherwise if you prefer) your APC set up should be Fighters (1st line) – Vehicles (2nd) – and Shooters. Here’s a simpler explanation why (btw, this came from Exo Chat Forum and was sent by of the players in another state):



Most of the Class APCs follow the normal F-V-S arrangement. But you can also have an all-vehicle APC so you can reach the enemy (they also say that it plunders more fuel) and/or go to rallies much faster (cuts the travel time almost in half) if you’re too far away from your alliance’s hive. Usually this is the APC I, but it depends on a player’s preference.

Now for the heroes, refer to the table below (listed are the common or now known as the Legendary ones only. If you’re using a smartphone, this post is best viewed in landscape mode):


To explain further, putting a hero with Effective Range (ER) of 5 in the front row is not totally ineffective. Its just that if the Dawn Guardian is in the 1st line, it is possible that his hits during a battle will be thrown to the back of the enemy’s Shooter line. It can still throw hits to their Shooters but the aim will not be as exact. Its hard to explain in writing but its more like the projectile? Lol.

By the way, you may also want to read the description of each of their skills and refer to Target before assigning them to their troops. You’ll see that there are heroes with ‘Random Enemy’ and ‘Random Friendly’ squads. The Friendly ones support his/her own team in the same APC, while Enemy ones attack, well, the enemies. My favorite Orange as of now is the Tech-Priestess because she heals the wounded troops in their APC 🙂

Once you are familiar with the hero placements, and you have a bunch of available heroes but do not know who to use, this is the time that you take into consideration how much damage (you usually see this in their combat skills descriptions with the percentages) they can do to the enemy during sieges.


Since I posted this in 2018, A LOT has happened. X Heroes are now available. I have yet to try the 4 of them I have now so I can’t comment on them yet. Its fun to have them but getting their duplicates to be able to open all their skills and max them out is a challenge.

I’ll just leave this here as it is for now. Thanks for taking time to read. Stay safe!