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Keep it to yourself if its nonesense.

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Because you don’t have any..

I always record meetings, esp those with the bosses and those I was purposely not called in (yuhhh now you know. Technology is nice, eh?) to join 😂.

In one of the meetings I have on file, this boss, who by the way trash talks everyone behind their backs during this type of huddles, said, “You go to work to do your job, you’re not here to make friends.”

I mean, really? Most hours of your days (if not your life) are spent working. You go home, spend at least 2-3 hours with your family and yourself, then sleep. You get up the next day again for work.

Its impossible for a human not to make friends in a work environment.

But then again, someone like that self-proclaimed boss, isn’t human.

I don’t even think Shrek’s best friend would let hybrids like you sit with them.

Just because I’m one of the members with the highest ranking in the NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth) society, I prefer wearing jeans and shirts, walk like a dude, and I am pro-LGBT *hands down*…doesnt mean I am not straight.

So never question me why, what and when because my life is not yours to plan nor think about, and Im pretty sure mine is way better than yours.

Peace out.

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