I feel bad when I accidentally leave, let alone lose, simple things.
Yesterday morning, I was on my way to QCHall to get an Affidavit of Loss, then to Trinoma. We were already halfway our destination and I realized that I left my wallet (yes! of all things, eh?!!) at home. Good thing I was riding in a cab with mi madre and she just lend me some, with a promise I would give it back the moment we get home.Though later within the day she decided to meet me in Trinoma instead, so I just gave it back to her the moment we met.
Later in the day (yeah last night around 10.30pm, pfft), I went to the office to finish my clearance (which I wasnt able to since some peeps are nowhere to be found). Weird huh? Yeah, people working in the call center industry are vampires.
Moving on, I didnt have any loose change with me so I (again) asked my mom for help. She gave me a total of P1,150. P150 for the cab, the rest for Starbucks. I was then fetched by our friendly cab driver. Before I gave him the small amount I made sure that I still have the grand. But guess what (i guess you dont have to)? The time I was in front of the Reception Desk I cant find the 1K with me. I immediately went back and traced where I’ve been to. It was just a minute or two. But I didnt think I could still find it I mean, its 1k! How many Starbucks drinks can you buy with that? Its worth more than a week of my transpo allowance when I was still working. How many clothes or books can you own with it? Even if you do ask the people around that time if they found something like that, do you think they would say yes and return it? Excuse me, sad to think that 80% of Filipinos wont (well offs included).
When I got home in my usual happy-go-lucky mood (yeah deep inside I feel the opposite) I never even have to wonder why I get a no-talk, no-look from mi madre. Well I cant blame her.
If theres something I want to lose, that would be me being careless. I really hate myself for being so!
Also, I have always wished that I could see the past, or even turn back time. Though I will not be able to, or will not be allowed to, change it, I just wanna see “the how” of events.
One may think that a wish like that just to see how I lose stuff is petty. Maybe. But even so, I still believe that the past helps you move on, be better and go for the gold.