If you’re a Mandaleño, working in Mandaluyong, or even if you’re just going to Robinson’s Forum or SM Megamall, you need to have their contract tracing solution similar to Pasig Pass. Here’s how:

  1. Go to MandaTrack on your phone or computer. Choose the option applicable to your purpose. If its your first time accessing the link as a non-business owner, click or tap on Individual Sign-Up to register.

If you have already registered, choose Individual Sign-In

2. Fill out all the commonly required details about you (Name, address, etc). When you’re at the end of the registration page, you will need to input a username and password. Tick the box after reading the Data Privacy Statement, then hit on Submit once done.

It is important that you remember these so write it down somewhere safe and accessible to you. 

3. Provided that after submission you didn’t get any error or missed any information, it will continue to this page:

Screen arrangement may vary

When you do see that page, SCROLL UP to screenshot your assigned QR Code, or you can just click the Download QR button link.


A QR code which is unique for every user. Just like in Pasig, it is mandatory and must be shown for scanning before you enter any establishments like offices, malls or restaurants. It is more efficient and convenient than manually writing your details in a piece of paper.

Keep safe. 🙂