Mischievous Kiss (korean version of It Started With A Kiss) is my (ultimate) favorite drama! I wonder why according to some sources, they didnt reach their desired ratings. watda?! oh well..
I managed to finish the 16 episodes through Viikii (yes, patience is a virtue!) even before one of our local networks broadcasted that they will be carrying the series. Yeah I preferred to read subtitles because its better to watch than the undubbed version. Going back, I’m also subscribed to YouTube webisodes etc are being uploaded. Yup, i think they decided to continue the series online since some says that the ratings on TV were not as good as their download rates. Im totally down with the idea since it also benefits us international fans.  
 You can also Like the Facebook page. 🙂 Yes, addicted to the series much! I watch it multiple times!
The last 3 webisodes are to be uploaded in their Youtube page on November 16-18 *sad face*. 
Since the original version has They Kissed Again (ISWAK 2), why not have season 2 of Mischievous Kiss? Care to join our petition? *attention Group 8!* 🙂