the only person..

..who carried us in her tummy for 9 months, with us making her fat 😂
..who took the pain under caesarean or normal section for hours just to let us out
..who gave us the first kiss and touch as we yawn in their embrace while wrapped in cloth

Stay awesome and sexy 😄

the woman..

..who lacked sleep for years to watch us in our cribs and make sure we’re still breathing
..who wakes up in the middle of the night despite coming home late from work and still has to wake up early
..who works her ass off just to send us to school and give us whatever we need and want (mostly need 😆)
..who prepares our baon and make sure its always complete
..who preferred to make us her 1st priority in every way.

This day comes once every year, always make the most out of it. Enjoy and rock on 🖖 👊

the one and only

..we loved truly, wholeheartedly.
..whom i can say that whatever I have done and been doing are only for
..who despite I’m always being difficult, stays.
..who is loved by my closest friends more than they love me 😄 (but I have no problem with that)

You are appreciated more than you know. If there’s a bigger word than “Thank You”, i’ll copyright and patent it only for you. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE. I hope you know that 😘

To the offsprings..

..who are sometimes undeniably annoyed by their constant, repetitive reminders.
..who took them as second best
..who always takes them for granted and just remember they’re there when they need something from her.
..who get all shy when youre being kissed and hug in front of your friends

GET A FREAKIN’ LIFE (though you dont really deserve it). Maybe this is why Offsprings Day was never in the calendar 😏