..for all the prayers and Get Well soons 🙂

Yes, I’m now feeling well after 2-3 weeks of on-and-off fever. I was still a little disoriented (you know the feeling when you’re talking to someone and you felt like you dozed off and asked “I’m sorry, what?”. That.) until this past Sunday but I’m feeling steady now. Thank you, Lord.

The on-off fever of almost 38 degrees was caused by Dengue (i felt that I fit in now since almost every one I know had it, lol. yes, I’m kidding), which I was diagnosed after having 4 CBC and platelet tests and almost 10 visits to the hospital (including ER) *roll eyes*. 

To share my experience, it started with an upper back pain. Just about 4 inches below the nape. It felt a little different compared to any back pains because it hurt exactly on my spine. It was bearable at first, but after a few hours it disturbed me to the point that I was looking for Salonpas, which I never used until then. 

I immediately had fever the next day, which I kinda ignored and blamed the change of weather. The back pain kind of subsided but it radiated to my head. I thought that it was normal too since I get headaches whenever I get a fever. Who doesn’t? Well you’re lucky if you dont.

The back pain started Wednesday night, the fever Thursday and it goes off every time I take Paracetamol. I was still working at home until Saturday of the same week while I was already in and out of Medical City. We didnt see anything wrong with the platelet count and RBC results so I think that is why the doctors “took it for granted”. But they kept on telling me to come back for blood tests (it had become a habit. LOL). We thought it was just viral since the WBC count was way below normal.

I was rushed to the ER (it was my first time and I was surprised how many ER patients enter in an hour O.o) on Monday (week after) wherein I had my 3rd blood extraction. I was given a muscle relaxant and Celebrex (I’m not sure if it was because of the meds but my ear popped after a few hours. Side effects?). But you know what kills? The anxiety of not knowing what was wrong.

I think I didnt totally lose my appetite but everything tasted bitter. I craved for sweets and something salty but when I already have the food in front of me, it didnt taste like it should be. 

Tuesday of that same week, I was sweating like crazy even if Im in front of an electric fan. Which I thought was great at least I no longer have fever 🙂

Wednesday, I was on my way to MedCity for my 4th blood test, came and the rashes appeared. This is when I have self-confirmed that it was indeed Dengue. It looked like measles and no bumps unlike when you have allergies or insect bites. On that same day, the doctor required another CBC and platelet and Dengue NS1 tests 2 days after. Yes, there are NS2 and 3 but I was glaaaaaaad that I didnt have to go through those.

Friday came, and it was just after the Dengue NS1 result was released we knew that our Dengue hunch came out positive. But dont worry, not all Dengue patients need to be admitted and confined. So happy I wasnt! I felt like I’m going to be more sick in a hospital. But of course there were trips to the doctor still.


– The time you feel the symptoms, request for a Dengue NS1 test immediately. It just requires one hell of a blood extraction instead of 4.

– Dengue is not really diagnosed the same time you have fever. Fever is just one of the symptoms. It happens AFTER the fever and AFTER the rashes appear. According to my doctor who had Dengue herself, the “rashes” aren’t itchy and its not red nor pink, its purple. Yes, more like when you have bruises (?).

– The platelet count needs to be monitored after the fever for it is when it decreases. From my 3rd to 4th blood test, mine went down from 247 to 213 in 2 days. It was still within normal (which begins at 140+ for females i think) but it shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

– There’s no specific medicine nor cure for Dengue. Just water, water, water. LOOOOOTS of it (we’re talking literssss per day!), and rest, rest, rest. Overdosing on Vitamin C helps a lot too because you need to boost your immune system back up (you’ll be more prone to diseases/sickness after Dengue they say). I put lemon slices on my water so it wouldnt be boring. 

Trust me the 3rd tip works. I just had my 5th blood test and to my surprise, my platelet count of 213 went up to 366 😀 My WBC jumped from 2.0 (from normal’s 4) to 6-point-something. Yes, I was haaaapppy seeing the results!

So just in case you feel the same symptoms, you know what to do. 

Thank you again. I just love The BIG Boss, my family and friends. <3