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Trust yourselves.

Do what you think you can and what you think is right, and never limit yourself with only that and hesitate going the extra mile. If you make mistakes, don’t dwell on it. Just recover and make it right then move forward.

It is only advisable to look back where you came from if your present is positively eventful. Always thinking about what you have done wrongly in the past is called sulking, and it would actually stop you from growing.


Because you don’t have any..

I always record meetings, esp those with the bosses and those I was purposely not called in (yuhhh now you know. Technology is nice, eh?) to join 😂.

In one of the meetings I have on file, this boss, who by the way trash talks everyone behind their backs during this type of huddles, said, “You go to work to do your job, you’re not here to make friends.”

I mean, really? Most hours of your days (if not your life) are spent working. You go home, spend at least 2-3 hours with your family and yourself, then sleep. You get up the next day again for work.

Its impossible for a human not to make friends in a work environment.

But then again, someone like that self-proclaimed boss, isn’t human.

I don’t even think Shrek’s best friend would let hybrids like you sit with them.

So random. Good morning.

You’ll know a heartbeat aka Jessie J fan when his/her accounts (esp Instagram) username starts with “isthat”. Then you’re like “aww mehn!” when you see a name-mate with an acct that couldve been yours. But you honestly dont care coz you love the song Unite.

Never expect, never assume, so you’ll never be disapponted. Accept the fact that there are questions or requests that the only applicable answer is NO. Unless you’re willing to independently do something about it and wait.

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