I think it’s true because why would they just happen to put Regina in a red jacket coincidentally right after Emma happens to get sucked up in a swirling vortex of darkness and evil. I mean seriously, the reasoning that it’s coincidental isn’t very logical seeing as Emma wore the red leather jacket 24/7, and now that she’s gone, Regina has taken up the identity of the savior, whether knowingly or not. Sure Regina has worn red before, like season two, in The Cricket Game, more iconically, when she “murders” Archie. But that is an example of pure chance and Regina’s sense of style bc yas her outfits are amazing. But anyway, the fact the Adam and eddy have said things about Regina trying to fill Emma’s shoes while she’s out galavanting as the Dark One, makes it very logical indeed to say that the red jacket Regina is wearing is because it reminds Regina of Emma, or what Emma used to be. Unless you come up with a better reason, I’m pretty sure this is it. And I’m not saying this solely because I ship swanqueen ok. This just makes sense.

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