To those who are still wondering why I
decided to leave are because…

The /feels are no longer
 What matters are the targets, and the monetary
equivalent of a single transaction. The purpose to serve has been taken for
granted, despite our Customer Service Representative title. 

Also, excuse me… I am fully aware about the
BPO metrics and standards because I started in that kind of environment – which
I am very thankful for, for giving me heads up and taste of the professional
life. So, I took everything to the ❤ because I know I will be able to use the
learnings/experiences anywhere I go. I honestly love it.

I dunno why it felt different recently.
Everybody’s into numbers, in reaching the set goal. If you can’t or don’t,
you have two choices: prefer to be blamed because you need to stay, or be out
of the game. This is the reason why they only work with their brains, and do
what they just should. Not minding if it creates manipulated volume, and will
be everyone’s major problem moving forward (but the blame game is still on).
This cycle goes on.

The domino effect has been quite effective, but always disregarded. I also
believe in the client’s Happy Employees > Happy Customers > Happy Shareholders
cycle, but has been totally ignored.

An advice, if I may: To get what you want/need, try to
work on it by not being selfish.

Tables have turned upside down. I
can say that I have built teams from the ground up, with minimal to no
supervision at all. I am very proud to say that I managed to see and somehow
developed some of the Associates who became my friends to be the best they can be
and more. That is why some of them are now assigned to help those who are
already in position, instead of the other way around, without any change in
their salaries.

Unnoticed and unappreciated.
To the point where they have allegedly forgotten that we’re still part of the
team, and part of the extracurricular activity (aka Design Your Stations for the
holidays). Honestly, I am not looking nor asking for a “You did a great job,
(insert name here)!” shout out, along a tarpaulin at the hall entrance bearing the same sign. A
simple “thank you” can serve as a validation that you’re doing the
right thing would suffice.

On a different note, you will be called out
when you did something wrong, without thinking that the tiny mistake was done due to lack of support. Also, not to mention that they take all the
credit and praises because of what you did right. 

Surprisingly, it exists. I thought it was just in the movies since I didn’t
feel it from the previous companies I have been in. 

They walk it, aside from saying it out loud,
as if their titles aren’t enough to tell you who they are. The vindictiveness, wherein they take
it against you when you question/disagree their decisions. 

Your need to stay is taken
advantage of, not to mention the threats of not signing your clearance when you’re unable to fulfill your last 3 days in the office, though it was never mentioned anywhere that being absent when you’re rendering is not allowed.

They take those with
mental reservations as negative people
. When the true story
is you just do not trust people easily, which you have every right to. But when
you’re vocal and brutally honest, it’s taken as rude and disrespectful. Where
the hell, would you say, categorize yourself? 

The talk shits are
and its believable even if you know they’re
just saying that to make themselves look good. I talk shit, too. But not to the
point that I will name drop and disregard the responsibility of where/who it
came from.

But hey, rants aside…I may just have been
ignoring but these may also be felt or present in other work environments
(probably just too obvious where I just was). So take these as notes on what to expect
when you accept a job offer.

I will have a separate post of “Thank you’s” soon.
It is harder to write it when there are only a few to say/give it to. LOL.

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