What a day. 1st, one of our gadgets was snatched from the display area. Good thing one of our alert SGs caught the tattooed guy and brought him to the mall’s admin office. We then found out that he managed to steal a hard drive from one of the PC stores, as well as a token from Blue Magic. They said that whatever he has stolen, he needs to pay it times 10. I dunno what happened next, last thing i heard he was escorted to a precinct.

And then, there was a subscriber who sent about 23k to someone she havent even met via our money transfer facility. Our cashier doubted to process her request but she insisted. After about an hour she came back to see if she can get her money back coz she heard that the person she sent money to was a scammer. Too late, the money was already withdrawn from the account, and the number is now out of reach.

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