We had a meeting earlier, just the Shop peeps and our one down.

Flashback: One time I was on my way home with our one down, I told her what I observe every time they (the bosses) are out. I think she deserves to know what’s going on when theyre not around.

The next day Ms. One Down had a heart to heart talk with her (the SHE-IT) about our conversation. Of course, the she-it cannot deny that she was affected. She actually twitted about it.

Fast forward.

Here’s what is interesting: the first person that came into her mind who has an issue and talked to Ms. One Down was me. If the she-it didnt have any personal grudge at me, why would she think it was even me.

First, she was the only one treating it as a big deal, an issue as she says.

Moving on, every sales person cares about the sales incentive. I mean, I used to when I was a newbie. But I’ve lived through not receiving any for 3-4 months so Im not really particular about it anymore. I tend to focus more on the Store targets really.

So dear you she-it…

Dont tell me that the incentive also doesnt matter because if thats the case, you wouldnt treat this as an issue!

Lemme make it clear, I didn’t treat the sales thingamajig an issue nor a big deal. It may just be one of the factors that triggered it but thats not my main point.

ONE. You being invisible most of the time (if not all the time), especially when the bosses are away is one of the issues WE have with you. I mean, using the term that got you bad, I dont really care if “agawin” or “inaagaw” mo lahat, for so long as you exerted an effort. I dont care if umepal ka sa lahat ng areas, atleast we know that you’re actually there, working.

Yeah we may not know if you are actually working in the backroom like you said. Maybe you are, but not all the time that you’re inside. Please be aware I also have eyes and ears inside the backroom, so even if you deny it I have a back up. 😉

Like what Ive said, EVERY TIME I walk inside the backroom, your facebook is open and/or you are looking for wedding stuff. Dont tell me that you no longer have an FB account, coz I wasnt just talking about ‘the now’. Also, your wedding may be just a few months away but when you’re in the office, do your job. Do all the non-office related stuff during your RDs.

I just find it really funny coz yeah you didnt deny doing those things, you actually thought really hard of something I do when im in the frontline: texting or playing with my gadgets aka my mobile phones. HAHAHAHA! I dont even bring my Zune out or even my iPad with me anymore. HAHAHAHA!

Immature. Really.

Nevertheless, though its really, really, very petty, i will keep my end of the bargain. No fidgeting with my “gadgets” in the frontline (like I need to send a text message every millisecond?!?). AHAHAHAHAHA. i hope that you’ll not do FB or surf the wedding webpages anymore in the backroom like you promised, as well as not play The Smurfs during office hours. Harhar.

TWO. Just because youve been with the Company longer, it doesnt mean that you have the right to boss around when the RM and the ARM are not in the Store. We may be younger than you in terms of age and tenure, but that also doesnt mean that you know better.

I repeat: you are not the boss. Just in case you didnt know.

In connection with that, dont give us your sweet image when the big bosses are around. Plastics are hazardous to the environment.

THREE. Another repeat. Should you hear anything negative about you, never take it the same way. Take it as a hint to make yourself better, not take it against everybody. You will not be bothered with whatever nega stuff they say about you if you know yourself its not true. The fact the you got affected means theyre right.

FOUR. Be mature and professional enough for the sake of the team or others who see or know you.

Refer to my previous post. Is it professional to bitch in the frontline just because you were raging mad? If you hate me that much, you shouldve pulled me to the backroom and hit me. I can take that, and would actually love it. But yesterday, it was like you were showing off everyone including strangers how a long-time-fucking-employee-slash-acting-boss is. You are a disgrace to the Company.

You may not have the ability to control your emotions like you said. But a not-stupid and mature person would know when and where to snap.

Betcha didnt think I would snap back at you, did you? Hahaha! Too bad im the only outspoken person you know. Just you wait til you hear what EVERYBODY thinks about you. They also call you names and make up really funny stories when you’re not around. 🙂 Dont call us backbiters though, coz we are just being professional atleast in front of you. Work kung work. No, we dont hate you. Promise. We just dont like you.

Think of it this way, we can be your co-workers, but we cant be friends. 🙂

For now, these are the points that I wanted to bring up earlier. FYI, i dont really regret not saying all these stuff. I purposely didnt do so because I dont want to stress myself out talking to a person with a closed mind. Gotta save my energy for something else 🙂

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