FYI. This happened in the Express Service Area, wherein there were subs in front of us. She was picking up the bantex full of applications, which was a little heavy.

Ed: tulungan kita.
Her *maldita mode*: no i dont need any help from u!
Me *jokingly, in an attempt to lighten up the mood she actually started*: ay, taray! Haha!
Her: why? type ko magmaldita eh. may problema?
Me: ah oki. wala. Bagay naman sayo. (trying hard to keep myself composed)
Her: sayo din
Me: i know right *smirk*
Her: Lets talk, Nej
Me: sure ^^,
Her: Now na!
Me (considering that there were people and there was a subs in front of one of the cashier stations): Later. Busy ako eh.
Her: Bitch. (i dont think she knows that i heard it, or she said that for me to hear)
Me (not too loud, enough for someone next to me to hear): talaga 🙂

Just an advice, if you think (or feel) that people are talking about you behind your back, why not ask yourself “what is it that they dont like about me?” or “is there something wrong with me?” not hate everyone for hating you. Be considerate. Dont think you are perfect, or everyone will look up to you as a boss since you are more tenured. Excuse me, we have the same designation/job title/rank. You are not the boss, or will you ever be due to your attitude.

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