I was testing myself if I can already stand up long term, so I tried to get the wonkiness feelings off by driving around the village 10 mins ago. I saw a girl and a boy in the middle of the street. I can see that the guy was hurting the girl by holding her by the wrist and she was already crying. My windows were down for fresh air and heard her saying while sobbing “stop it, it hurts”. I just had to blew my horn, but that didnt stop him. He just brought her to the sidewalk doing the same thing. If I wasnt feeling really dizzy, I wouldve stopped, stepped out of the car and punched the guy.

Boys, it may sound unfair but whatever she does, YOU SHOULD NEVER physically (or emotionally even but that may not be possible) hurt a girl. Because whatever you do after, no matter how many “I’m sorrys” you say, it wouldnt fucking change a thing. You’re already ruined in the eyes of others. Its like the cliche/saying: “Once an addict, always an addict”. The bruises may be gone but imagine the trauma after that.

You feel macho or manly when you do that? Ha, well, just so you know, only cowards do that.

I wonder if your momma knows what youre doing or what youve done. Or, may I ask, did you see your dad doing that to your mom? Maybe yeah, right? 😏 You felt guilty not being able to do anything to stop it so let your anger out to your girlfriend thinking it was cool. Well, you better go to a doctor and be friends with other patients like you.

Seriously, you need a friend.

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